How To Write A Layoff Press Release Announcement (Template and Sample Included)

You can also add information like contributions and the impact of the employees involved.

Relevant Image

Your press release announcement will not be complete without adding relevant images. Such images may include the company logo, CEO, owner, employee, or manager.

Company Website

Incorporating your company’s website will allow people to read more about the announcement. This is an essential aspect of a press release announcement. It will also focus on the mind of the readers on your company.

The Company

Write a short brief about the company in your press release announcement. Readers can easily reason with you when they know one or two things about the company.

Contact Information

Relevant contact information about the company should be included in your writing. People will be able to contact the company through this means.

These guidelines will help you to get the best out of your layoff press release announcement.

  Layoff Press Release Template

[Heading 1: Explain your announcement briefly in this section]

[Include a quote from a representative; can be from a CEO, Manager, Group leader. The quote should be related to the news]

[Heading 2: This paragraph should include more information about the whole process. This section should answer all the possible W-questions like who, why, where, what and when.]

[Headline 3: This section should state the details about the layoffs. This is where you should talk about the positions held, experience, contributions. Any information fitted for the employees should be included here.]

[This section should include a call to action. Readers will be able to find more information about the company here, primarily through URL.]

[Contact details: this section should include brief information about the company. Other necessary information includes; contact info, address, phone number, and contact person.]

[Give brief information about the business or organization and insert the website of  the business where the reader can get access to more information about the business]

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