How To Write A Layoff Press Release Announcement (Template and Sample Included)

Laying off workers is one of the hardest decisions a leader will have to make. As hard as it may seem, organizations often resolve to layoffs in times of crisis. Even though it’s a hard decision on the employer part, the major blow will be on the employee.

This plan can lead to a decrease in the morale and commitment of your workers. Knowing this, you will have to deliver the news in a way that you will be easily understood.

So how do you write the perfect layoff press release announcement?

Just before we delve into how to let’s talk about what you should consider before the announcement.

Meet The Employees Individually

Your employees must understand the state of the company before the announcement. This will show that you care for them. It will be easier for the employees to accept the announcement later.

Keep The Announcement Short and Precise

A piece of sensitive information like this should be straightforward without mincing words together. Using fluff will weaken your announcement.

The message should focus on why the company had to resolve to layoffs.

Outplacing Program

Trying your best to organize this will go a long way in helping your workers. Apart from this, they will always give a useful review of your company in the future.

Now let’s look at what you should include in your announcement!

The Headline

The Headline should capture the content of the announcement. Let your readers know what to expect from merely reading the topic. This will prepare their minds before reading the remaining content.

Include a Quote

Your press release announcement should include a quote from the manager or any representative. An official statement from a leader will have a better impact on the readers.

This is where they can clearly state why the action had to be taken. In stating the reasons, they should emphasize on how it will benefit the shareholders.

Details About the Roles

It would be best if you focused on the roles that will be affected. This will shift the attention of the readers from the individuals involved. Your press release announcement should also include when it is affected.

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